Christmas in Barcelona

Barcelona at Christmas


What to do in Barcelona at Christmas

In December, the Catalan capital combines the traditional Christmas markets of great European cities with a mild and far sunnier climate that tends to not fall below 14 degrees.

If you are still undecided about your next getaway, have a look at what you can do in Barcelona at Christmas.

  • The first suggestion on our list is to visit the legendary Feria de Santa Llucia, the most traditional Christmas market in Catalonia and a large part of Spain. Located next to the Cathedral, this area attracts both locals and tourists alike, all eager to see first-hand some of the most curious Catalan inventions: the first, the “caga tió”, is a wooden stick with a face painted on one end, which children feed for several days so that it will later give them presents. And the second one is a small figure known as “el caganer”, an indispensable part of Catalan nativity scenes, which some also complement with a figure called el pixaner”.

  • Just next to the Feria is another must-see attraction, the Plaza de Sant Jaume nativity scene, a display of artistic ingenuity that grows more original year on year. 

  • During your stay in Barcelona at Christmas, don’t miss the massive Feria de los Reyes Magos en la Gran Vía de Barcelona, which stretches from Plaza de España to Plaza Universidad. This market features nearly two kilometres of stalls selling artisan products, clothing and toys, where you’ll find everything you need for your Christmas gift purchases.

What to do with children during Christmas in Barcelona

In Plaza Cataluña, the ice-skating rink is sure to delight your little ones.

Just next door, at the Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia Cathedral, in addition to viewing the beautiful nativity scene created there each year, children can enjoy searching for the 13 geese that live in the cloisters.

Also, from 27 December to 4 January, Fira de Barcelona hosts the Festival de la Infancia (Children’s Festival), with hundreds of workshops and activities for kids.

On behalf of the premier 4-star Gran Hotel Havana, we wish you Happy Holidays.