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Data Privacy

Basic information on data protection

We are making the following basic information available to you in accordance with the provisions of the new European Data Protection Regulations.




Party responsible. RCM S.A.U. (Gran Hotel Havana)

Purpose. To enable our newsletter to be sent.

Legal basis. Customer’s consent.

Disclosure. We do not envisage the disclosure of data to third parties, unless there is a legal requirement to do so. If this possibility is being considered, you will be asked to give your consent.

Rights. The right to access, rectify, erase, restrict or object to the use of your data and the right to portability, plus other rights detailed in the Additional Information.


Additional Information. For additional information regarding Data Protection please see our Privacy Policies.



In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 (RGPD) and the legislation implementing it, RCM S.A.U. (Gran Hotel Havana ) hereby informs all users of the website www. (the “website”) about the use of their personal details, as provided during access to and use of the website and in their day-to-day relations with the Gran Hotel Havana (henceforth “the Hotel”).


In general terms what will we use your personal details for?

  • To respond to requests for information through the sections of the website designed for customers to contact us or enquire about the services offered by the Hotel.
  • To send you the Hotel's newsletter to tell you about activities, special offers, promotions and other information we think may be of interest to you.
  • To enable us to process your on-line hotel bookings.
  • To simplify the booking process on future occasions.
  • To enable us to provide the services contracted with the Hotel.
  • To manage business transactions with customers and/or suppliers.
  • Images will be recorded by the video-surveillance system installed at the Hotel.


What is the legal basis for the use of your details?

  • To respond to requests for information through the “Contact” or “Enquiry” sections of the website: Consent is expressed via the request sent.
  • For us to send you the Hotel newsletter: Your consent (Art. 21.1 of the Law on Information Society Services) for electronic communications.
  • To simplify the booking process on future occasions: A legitimate interest on the part of the Hotel in improving the management of booking procedures.
  • To enable us to provide the services contracted with the Hotel: The fulfilment of the contract.
  • To manage on-line bookings: the fulfilment of the contract.
  • To manage business transactions with customers and/or suppliers: the fulfilment of the contract.
  • Images recorded by the video-surveillance system installed at the Hotel: Public interest in the safety of premises and property and personal safety.


How long will we keep your details?

As a general rule the details you provide will be kept for as long as necessary for each of the purposes for which they are intended. In all cases the period will be subject to legally established limits.

Information needed for the provision of services will be kept for the time necessary to respond to the customer and carry out internal tracking of the suggestion or query submitted. For the purpose of sending commercial information by electronic means your details will be stored indefinitely until you say otherwise.


Who will your details be made available to?

Generally speaking, we do not envisage the disclosure of your details to third parties.

Notwithstanding the above, your details may be accessed by third parties entrusted with data processing on behalf of the Hotel.


What are your rights when you provide your details?

The fact that the Hotel processes your personal details entitles you to request the following:

Access. You have the right to obtain confirmation from the person responsible for processing your details as to whether details concerning you are being so used and detailed information about certain aspects of the processing being carried out.

Rectification. You will have the right to ask for inaccurate details concerning you to be corrected and for incomplete information to be completed.

Erasure. You will have the right to ask for your details to be erased. Such erasure will be subject to the limits established in legislation.

Restriction of use. You will have the right to request restrictions on the use of your personal details.

Opposition. In certain cases, for reasons related to your personal circumstances, you can oppose the use of your details. The Hotel will cease to use them except when there are legitimate, imperative reasons for not doing so or to lodge or contest possible complaints.

Right to portability. You will be entitled to receive the personal details concerning you that you have provided for processing by one party, in a commonly used structured format that can be read mechanically, and to make them available for use by another party.

The above rights can be exercised by submitting a signed written request to RCM S.A.U. (Gran Hotel Havana) or by writing to: where you can also ask for further details regarding the way in which data are processed by the Hotel.


How do we obtain your details?

You may provide your details yourself or they can be provided by your company or third parties such as travel agencies, booking centres, etc. We will also obtain your details when we provide a service you have contracted.


What happens if I don’t provide the details requested?

Data identifying the customer/user, contact details and any others that may be required by applicable legislation must be declared. Refusing to provide these details may make it impossible to access the service required. The other details requested are voluntary and failure to provide them will not prevent the establishment of a contractual relationship.


Protection by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

If you believe it is justified, you can seek the protection of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, submitting the relevant complaint to them at C/ Jorge Juan nº 6 28001 Madrid.


Security measures.

The Hotel has adopted the levels of security legally required for the protection of personal data and has installed all the means and technical measures available to it to prevent unauthorised access to the personal data provided to the Hotel or their loss, misuse, alteration or theft. Nevertheless, users should be aware that internet security measures are not invulnerable.