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¿What to do in August in Barcelona?

The list of activities in Barcelona increases at an exponential rate in summer. The great weather attracts a wide range of outdoor events, especially in the evening/night when it cools down a little. 

From the Gran Hotel Havana with 4 superior stars in the street gran vía, you can comfortably reach all the activities on foot or in public transport. Continue Reading to find out what to do in August in Barcelona.


Activities in August in Barcelona


  • One of the nicest activities in August in Barcelona in the summer is to enjoy the outdoor cinema. Two of the best known projections are the festival Mecal Air in Pueblo Español and the Gándulas in CCCB.
  • If you like the beach, in the “Espai de Mar” in the Barceloneta, there are lots of organized sports activities on the sand or in the water like paddle surf. They also rent out material.
  • Another option is to take a day trip to get to know the beaches in the surrounding area: Gavà, Castelldefels or Sitges, to the South, or Montgat or Ocata, to the North. In the following article you can read 6 suggested days out around Barcelona.
  • Just 15 minute´s walk from our Hotel, you can reach one of the most charming areas: Gracia neighbourhood, which celebrates its local party in the month of August, between 15th and 21st. For the celebration, the streets compete to be the most beautifully decorated and they organize non-stop games for children, community meals, concerts amongst other activities.
    Around a similar time, the local parties in Sants neighbourhood also take place from 17th to 25th August.
  • And in the meantime get to know the city, you can take advantage of the delicious lunch time “menú” in a wide range of restaurants from Monday to Friday around the city, without the gentrification of workdays.
  • Similarly, it is also worth informing yourself about the cultural options and theatres, as some of them don´t close for summer holidays.
  • Something that is always open are the big parks, like the Ciutadella, 17 minute’s walk from our hotel, offering the possibility to relax on the grass; to eat, read, listen to music, do some yoga…
  • Finally, as a client of Gran Hotel Havana, we invite you to enjoy the August heat in our amazing terrace with swimming pools, parasols, sun-loungers and chill out area.


Without doubt, one of the most refreshing options to make the most of the month of August in Barcelona.